Have you ever wondered how one man could have such an impact on the world? With only ministering for a mere three and a half years, he was able to start something that has changed the face of the world even to now. Please listen to find out how.

Saving Mercy

Numbers 16 gives us a horrible story of how many people were punished for their actions. However, the story is also one of mercy. God is a merciful God and he desires us to show mercy to those around us as well. Please listen to see what we can learn about mercy from Numbers 16.

Doing Good

The key text for this lesson is Galatians 6:9-10. Paul encourages them not to become weary in doing good. As we read through the New Testament, we will see quickly that it was becoming of a Christian to be busy doing good. I believe even today, for the world to see the love of God …

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Troubling Waters

This video is recorded from the U.P. of Michigan looking over the Whitefish Bay where many ships have been lost. We are going to look at Acts 27 and see how God pushes the ship Paul is on out to the open waters of the Mediterranean Sea. What God was doing was the mystery; but …

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Encourage One Another

Said simply, we need to encourage one another. When you read through stories of the early church, you realize quickly that they depended on one another and the support and encouragement they received from each other. It is important for each of us and those around us that we are encouraging one another. And as …

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And I Rejoiced

This is our first week as we are able to worship in the building. I thought it to be appropriate to look at Psalm 122 where David said, “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord.’” In this lesson I challenge our priorities that we might …

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What Must I Do? – Part 5 (Be Baptized)

We have spent the last few weeks answering the question: “What Must I Do?” This is the final part. We will cover many stories in the New Testament that show that the early church thought baptism to be essential for salvation. This lesson expounds on that very point. Image is from:

What Must I Do-Part 4 (Repent of my Sins)

We have looked at the first few steps, answering the question, “What Must I do?”But now we must discuss repentance. Peter tells the people in Acts 2 that they must repent and be baptized to receive forgiveness and the gift of the Holy Spirit. Repentance is required for salvation. Image is from: