This Means War – Lesson Three

Lesson three from the “This Means War” series takes a look at the story of Achan in Joshua three. The story of Achan is a lesson of responsibility and understanding the impact our lives have on those around us.

This Means War – Lesson Two

God has intended victory for us. But we must be prepared to face our Goliaths. But also know that our Goliaths are preparing us for so much more. The Scripture we will be looking at is First Samuel 17.

This Means War – Lesson One

“This Means War” series is intended to give us a better understanding of spiritual warfare, and prepare us for victory. This first lesson is from First Samuel 4, and is called, “I Can’t do this Alone.” The key thought is learning to keep God in the center.

Be the Good Thing

The world is a dark place. It will invite us to settle right in. But the only hope the world has is to see the goodness of God. Will we be that “Good Thing” for the world to see the goodness of God?

Psalm 86: When Knowing God Changes Your Prayer Life

Knowing and understanding God changes a person’s life in every way. Psalm 86 is a prayer of a man who knew God. When we know God the way David did, it will impact how we pray. It will impact how we look at the world. It will impact how we live.

The Sins of Our Fathers

This lesson is a response to First Kings 21:29​, where it seems that Ahaziah is going to be punished for his father’s sin. We need to look closer and see what is really being said.

The Invitation

There are three invitations made by Jesus that we will look at in this lesson. These invitations teach us about the love and mercy of the Lord. These invitations teach us how far and wide the lovingkindness of the Lord reaches. The invitation is for all. Listen to learn more.

Broken Hearts

Genesis 19 is a difficult chapter to know what to do with. We just have before us a big mess with Lot and his two daughters. But in this lesson, we are going to learn to look at people in a new way.

Psalm 1 – A Happy Life

We all seek to be happy. But, we all have had our fair share of looking for happiness in all the wrong places. David writes this Psalm with the intent to help people find true happiness. It is not found in the world. It is only found in God.