Brian Poe

Why Jesus? Part 4 – He Sought me First

We have looked at a few reasons why we should choose Jesus. This morning we are going to bring in a twist; It was actually Jesus who chose us first, which is just another reason to choose him. While we were sinners, he was pursuing us.

Abortion: And the Value of Life

Abortion is one of the most difficult topics to deal with. In this lesson, I attempt to utilize a few biblical principles to see what God thinks about this topic. I also bring to our remembrance that abortion was a moral topic long before it became political.

The Unexpected Freedom

Freedom comes at a cost. We celebrate the fourth of July as our American day of Independence. In this lesson, I also remind us of the freedom given in and through Christ.

Why Jesus? part 3 – The Logic

Part 3 of the “Why Jesus?” series explains that to follow Jesus is a logically sound decision one can make. God tells the people in Isaiah 1:18, “Come now, let us reason together.” God wants us to know that our intellect can and should lead us to him.

Like My Father

Happy Father’s Day. For some, especially myself, you may share many similar features as your father. Jesus also was very much like his father; not because he was forced to, but he chose to be. I want to look at a few reasons Jesus chose to be like his father, and perhaps give some encouragement …

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Why Jesus? Part 2 – The Impact

Why Jesus? In this lesson, we will learn that one of the reasons the early Christians chose to follow Jesus was because of the amazing impact he had on their lives. That same impact can be felt today and can become our stability as well.

Lord, Teach Me to Pray – Part 3

This is part 3 of the “Lord, Teach me to Pray” series. This lesson is going to show us what it means to pray according to the will of God. The text will be from Matthew 6:8-13.