Brian Poe

Let God Speak

I recording this lesson from a dock overlooking Maxton Bay off the North West side of Drummond Island. It was such a fascinating site. God surely does display his glory in all that he made.

Devoted to One Another

Our key text is Romans 12:9-10, where Paul speaks of being devoted to one another. But in fact, the topic at hand is what a life looks like that has been transformed by God. In this sermon, we will learn that our faith can and should be measured by our relationships and how we treat …

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The Response of a Victor

It is not our circumstances and the situations around us that shape us; rather it is our response in those times. Our text will be Joshua 2:9-11. We will be looking at developing responses to everyday situations that will shape our lives more into the character of God.

Reaching Over – The Rising Waters

The church in Thessalonica was praised by Paul for being imitators of God. They gave us an example to follow as we also are New Testament Christians. Furthermore, this lesson discusses our work in India and what the Lord is doing in their lives. The text for this sermon is First Thessalonians 1:2-8.

Reaching OUT – Who is My Neighbor?

It is becoming of a Christian to reach out to their community. In this lesson, we will look at the importance of having hearts that are touched by the needs of those around you. We want to become a church whose light is shining bright into the community around us.

Reaching IN – Growing from Within

Galatians 5:22-23 lists the fruit of the Spirit. What we learn from this lesson is that God had set a plan in motion before the foundations of the world. This plan includes you and I being shaped by God and becoming more and more like him each day.

Reaching IN – Completing the Work

God wants to continue the work he started in you. In this lesson, we will be looking at Philippians 4:8, and addressing matters of the mind. Our actions and everything we say are dictated by our thoughts. We need to take captive every thought and allow God to begin to shape us.

A Ministry that Can Change the World

Last week, we looked at Luke 4:18-19, and learned that this was the ministry Christ came to fulfill. However, this week we will learn that he was our forerunner, and we, as ambassadors of Christ, have the same ministry.