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To begin to understand the text of this letter Paul wrote to the church in Rome, we first must understand a bit of context and background. Not just that, in any letter, it is easier to understand the contents if you also know the motivation of the writer. In this brief introduction, we are going …

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A Note from the Author

There are several ways a person can go about parsing any given passage. I will note a few, but then I will share how I went about it in this book.        Some commentators focus on original language and roots. This provides an intriguing literary guide for some, but others do not have much interest …

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The Book of Romans

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God’s Love and Comfort even through Difficult Times

The perfect consolation; you know, that book that everyone reads and receives words of comfort, no matter the pain; those particular words that always bring a warm feeling when spoken; or that Bible verse that always speaks to anyone who reads, bringing them a measure of peace. You didn’t know because they don’t exist. There …

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An Elementary Exposition of the Distinction and Unity of the Godhead—The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

I want to preface by saying that the feat I am attempting is to bring a simple and natural comprehension to something that is complex and spiritual. We only can begin to parse out the few gems God has sprinkled through his word. I believe that we must be content to accept that the fullness …

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Be Still: a survey of the plan of God

In a world with so much trouble, it is all the more fascinating to see a theme in Scripture from cover to cover to “be still.” God knew that trouble would come. But he also has always wanted his people to know that he could help us through it. Be Still.

F(l)avorable Deeds a closer look at Laodicea

When John writes to the church in Laodicea, he speaks about their deeds. Regarding their deeds, the message from Christ is that they need to be hot or cold, but not lukewarm. What did this mean to them? What does this mean for us? Please listen to find out.

A Heart Prepared to Praise God

When we remember all that God has done, we realize that he is worthy of our praise and worship. When we remember, we prepare our hearts to praise. In this lesson, we learn this beautiful truth from Psalm 105.