The Magnitude of God: Exploring The Divine (2022)

“The Magnitude of God” is a book that attempts to remind the reader of the magnitude and greatness of God. It has been my perception and experience that the image of God and how people see God has been diminished. I believe a key reason is that we do not see the clear and outward acts of power that we read about in the Old Testament and the miraculous healing and works of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. And because we have not seen such displays of the power of God, it is easy to forget or simply not think He is as great as He always has been. I believe God is unchanging from the beginning to the end. My goal in this book is to remind the reader just how big God truly is. In doing so, I begin at the natural place; the beginning. I move through the book addressing difference facets of God from His voice, His presence, His testimony, to a simple exploration of His character. My prayer is that as the reader is reminded of the magnitude and greatness of God, it may impact their lives in many ways. This book has been my own journey as I have learned to see God in beautiful ways that are detailed in Scripture. I hope I can spark such a journey in many others as well as they too explore who God is.